Green Roof Icelandic House

The Green Roof Icelandic House has an exotic location in southwestern Iceland that is sloping towards the north rift-valley lake. Also, this house makes the most impressive view as it easily blends with its green roof and black cladding exterior. 

Besides, the house has arrangements over multiple split levels to optimise the views of the surrounding vegetation of Skjaldbreið mountain. Plus, the entrance of the house takes to the open-plan kitchen and dining area. Both the area features the floating timber accentuating the height sense within the space. 

Furthermore, the sliding door of the house offers direct connectivity to the southwest-facing terrace with a clear view of the trees towards the mountains of Hátindur and Jórutindur. Also, the sunken lounge next to the dining area lines with the windows framing the panoramic view across the lake.

The flooring area around the lounge acts as the additional seating area that supports the rectangular bathtub that can act as a daybed with a covering. Moreover, the set of steps connecting with the other floor are near the kitchen, ascending to the multipurpose left space.

The Green Rood Icelandic House uses a pared-back material palette that gets domination by natural materials throughout the house. Hence, this is brought to use to focus on attention and build a strong connection with the house’s surroundings.

Since this house is a simple-built creation of the architects, but it acts wisely to blend with natural surroundings and create a panoramic view.

Name:  Green Roof Icelandic House

Price: – 

Bedrooms: 2 or 3

Bathrooms:  2

Levels:  2

Size: 145 m²

Built: 2020

Location: Thingvallavatn

Architect: KRADS Architects


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Green Roof Icelandic House
Green Roof Icelandic House

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