House on the Flight of Birds

Flight of Birds House 1

As the name suggests, the design of this house has been derived from the flight of birds. It features a collection of curves and rectangles, which together make a beautiful abode by Portuguese architect Bernardo Rodrigues. 

The House on the Flight of Birds is located on the Azores’ northern S.Michael Island. Meticulously designed, the prominent red wall serves as a barrier between the house and the strong North Atlantic winds.

Since the locale often experiences frequent winds and showers, the ground floor comprises an open plan layout. It includes covered courtyards and patios, which are designed to be versatile within the House on the Flight of Birds. Besides, the glass walls render the luxury to savor all the seasons and the lush greenery at their best. The double-height living room and smooth curves reflect the detailing in design and construction.

First floor houses enclosed bedrooms that are much more private and snuggled. The wings of the Flight of Birds House are also responsible for air circulation. With one arm carrying airflow for the ground floor, another does the same for the first floor. The middle of the curves houses staircases. The end of both wings culminates into windows bringing in light through the south facade. Even the kitchen gets a separate skylight. 

Name: House on the Flight of Birds 




Levels: 2


Built: 2010

Location: Ribiera Grande, S. Michael Island, Portugal

Architect: Bernardo Rodrigues Arquitecto


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