Lake Drive House

Lake Drive House, Connecticut, US

Conceived from a cube, Lake Drive House in Bethlehem, Connecticut, is a surreal beauty that will leave you in awe. With humongous mountains on one side and the beautiful Longacre Lake on the other, it has stunning views from all angles. 

A perfect square, this house seamlessly grades between opaque and translucent glass on its facades. Besides, the floors are perfectly proportioned, just as in a Rubik’s cube. And similarly, it also features three levels of exceptional living space. 

The lowest level of the house accommodates guest rooms along with a media room and a boat storage space. And this level is splendidly embedded into the embankment of the Longacre Lake. The stairs inside are beautifully stacked so that the inhabitants pass through the programmed space as they pass floors. 

The second level houses the kitchen and living room with floor to ceiling glass windows that offer panoramic views of the lake. It also has the main entrance and is connected to the external gardens. The master suite is located on the uppermost level of the Lake Drive House in the company of an outdoor pool. Besides, the pool also overlooks the lake and nothing short of a romantic retreat.

Name: Lake Drive House


Bedrooms: 2 or more

Bathrooms: –

Levels: 3

Size: 4,215 sq ft

Built: 2018

Location: Bethlehem, Connecticut, US

Architect: Messana O’Rorke


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