Villa Ypsilon

What is your favorite letter? If the answer is “Y”, well we might have here today the home of your dreams. Villa Ypsilon is a contemporary house located in Greece. It’s name tells us a lot about it already.  The house has an unique and bold design, in the form on the letter “Y” or Ypsilon, the most Greek letter in our alphabet. Looking at it from above it appears as if  the house is gently rising from the ground, just enough to not brake it apart. The view is mesmerizing.

With a continuous green roof that you could actually step across, and three separate courtyards, walking through and around this house is a true delight. Situated on the top of the hill in a isolated area, the house offers a great view. You are able to admire the bay as well as the mountains on the opposite side. With an oddly shaped pool and an olive orchard around, this house is the perfect summer residence.

A team of highly skilled architects worked on building a house that is environment friendly, self-cooling, all by using local sustainable building materials.

Name: Villa Ypsilon


Bedrooms: 3

Bathrooms: 2

Levels: 1

Size: 150 sqm

Built: 2017

Location: Finikounda, Greece

Architect: LASSA architects


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