Summer Residence

Summer Residence

Gorgeous and Mesmerising. These two words sum up our experience of this surreal summer residence. Located on hill-top. This cave house manifests a gripping view of volcanic mountains and crystal-like ocean. 

The architects at Kaspimialis decided to go with a cubic-structure to match the uneven mountainous background. The initial glance of the summer residence house will give you an Olympus feel. The ceramic-white colour captivates the attentions into symmetrical curves and irregular porches. With this, you also get a view of minimal vegetation on the backdrop.

The interior of the residence is very minimal. The dining area and the hallways are left open, which creates a spacious walkthrough. This structure is built within the vicinity of 300m2. However, due to efficient land management and mapping, the architects were able to fit a lot in this limited space.

The outskirts of Summer Residence consists of a blue-watered pool with a unique eating area. Moreover, you will also have access to the inter-connected balcony. It smartly connects both levels of this residence. To sum it up, the Summer Residence in Pyrgos is one of the unique architectural work we have seen so far. With enigmatic approach towards the structure and smart-use of space, this residence deserves a spot on your wishlist.

Name: Summer Cave House


Bedrooms: 2

Bathrooms: 2

Garage: 1

Levels: 1

Size: 300 m2

Built: 2018

Location: Pyrgos, Greece

Architect: Kapsimalis Architects


Image credits: ©Vangelis Paterakis:

Summer Residence
Summer Residence


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