Casa Kwantes

If you had a chance to totally deny the urban monotony while living in the city, would you take it? We bet you would, but how is this possible? Well, the answer has a name: Casa Kwantes. This contemporary house is definitely challenging your imagination if you are watching her from the street side. With a defined and plain 1930 inspired brick wall on the outside, the house works as a postal. Once you get in it reveals the most rewarding and intriguing view.

Working as a house of contrasts, once you are in you can’t help but feeling you’ve entered a different world. With a completely green and luminous view, the fluid and curved design of the home will live you speechless. It was designed in order to give each inhabitant it’s privacy, while still keeping everyone connected to each-other and with the green view.

Another merit of this house is it’s self-sufficient character, using a ground source heat pump and solar panels to ensure the  warmth and the electricity in the house. As a metaphor to the care for the environment, the house appears to embrace an olive tree.

Name: Casa Kwantes


Bedrooms: 3

Bathrooms: 3

Levels: 2

Size: 480.0 m2

Built: 2016

Location: Rotterdam,The Netherlands

Architect: MVRDV


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