Dupli Casa

Dupli Casa Ludwigsburg, Germany

This Villa near Ludwigsburg, Germany, was initially constructed back in 1984, with typical cottage-style architecture. And the current structure by J. Mayer H. Architects is a duplication of the previous house, which had many extensions. The architecture is also a twist of the original floor plan in a way that it looks as if rotating a Rubik’s cube and leaving it halfway.

The two levels of the house are finely split into public and private areas. The deck on the top is another worthy place to enjoy panoramic views of the Neckar Valley and Marbach town. Notably, the lush garden touches two of its levels, alluring one to the great architectural delight. 

The ground level mainly houses the living, kitchen, and dining areas, along with internal and external swimming pools. The floor of the interior pool features a majestic emblem of the house, with the year 1984 etched within. Besides, the upper levels host five bedrooms with attached baths. Not to mention a center lobby connects them all seamlessly.

However, the most enthralling perspective of the Dupli Casa is its geometry and monochrome outlook. And also, the way the new architects have made room for smooth circulation through the entire levels. Each nook of the house has access to external views as well as bring in natural light.

All in all, the spatial contouring is brilliantly sophisticate, respecting privacy as well as openness at the same time. Besides, the scrupulous comb-like landscaping of the Dupli Casa blurs the boundaries between the human-made and natural geometry. 

Name: Dupli Casa 


Bedrooms: 5

Bathrooms: 8 


Levels: 3

Size: 6,125 square foot

Built: 2008

Location: Ludwigsburg, Germany

Architect: J. Mayer H. Architects (Jürgen Mayer H., Georg Schmidt Haus, Thorsten Blatter, Simon Takasaki)

Links: https://www.jmayerh.de/17-0-DupliCasa.html 

Image credits: © David Franck

Dupli Casa Facade
Dupli Casa Swimming Pool
Dupli Casa Pool
Dupli Casa View
Dupli Casa Dining Room
Dupli Casa Interior Pool

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