THAT House


This house is a 255 m2 single family home and it is considered a small dwelling, or actually ‘just the right amount of space’ what was the demand. Its neighboring houses are almost twice as big, just like any “regular” house in Australia. So it seems the neighbors can have a full right to call it THAT house, for breaking with that tradition.  Modern life, environment issues, and sustainability awareness are starting to take effect and Australia seems to be fighting a battle with wiser ways of using space, materials and energy. Architects didn’t intend to make a stand or suggest a new prototype, but the house shows great qualities in thinking this direction.

Orientation and windows are set in demands of passive solar gain, also white roof reduces heating. The house has solar panels and a water tank in the ground that collects rainwater which is then used for toilets and watering the garden.  Also, local materials were used where possible so the house responds to sustainability at its best.

THAT house is a composition of three long cuboids one placed over the two others that are distanced enough to make a corridor in between. All three are closed with full area windows on end sides so the house appears completely see-through. This is very unusual for Australia where people tend to stay very private inside homes. Setting a new transparency trend in the neighborhood but also respecting the tradition and habits about the privacy, the house features a small “invention” such as upwards blinds, bringing these two demands together.

Name: THAT House


Bedrooms: 3

Bathrooms: 2

Levels: 2

Size:   225 m2


Built: 2015

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Architect: Austin Maynard Architects


Image credits:  ©Tess Kelly via

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