AM House


Even if it looks like a hotel space at first glance this house was designed completely following the needs of its owners. When clients participate in a wider scale in the design process, more attention is sometimes given to extraordinary demands and perfect details, rather than innovations in artistic concepts. But architect’s seal is never to be missed.

A rare feature that appears on the lowest floor is the brewery. It is at the same level with the office and the garage, what doesn’t seem to be unusual. But the unusual is that it is actually a part of the garage, and having its own bar makes it a real gathering place.

Heading up, using stairs or the elevator as another unusual feature, we enter the main level with the day zone and the garden. Here the architects showed their best introducing large transparent eaves in steel and glass, covering large parts of the garden but without making shades. This makes the most of erasing the border between closed and open space. This concept continues in interior design where different style elements and furniture makes the image of comfort but coexisting with the surrounding garden through large windows. Materials and colors are following this.

The upper floor gives the best of the hotel environment and three large bedrooms can be seen as separate suits. Those suites are filled with all the details for a comfortable living what was the main request perfectly made into reality and seen in every small carefully designed detail all around the house.

Name: AM House


Bedrooms: 3

Bathrooms: 3

Levels: 3

Size:  580 m2


Built: 2017

Location: Brazil

Architect: NV Arquitetura


Image credits:  ©Lio Simas, Rpdois Imagens via

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