Screen House

Do you get angry when the house is just too hot? I don’t know about you, but nothing would kill the good mood for my family during the summer time, like the high temperature in the house. An Australian team of architects managed to transform a one level house, so it would never need any type of AC device. Their method was so innovative and so frankly simple and rudimentary, that it became the  main characteristic of the house. What was it?

In order to limit the sun exposure without losing the connection with the outside, the architects came up with the idea of surrounding some key points of the house with a screen made of local wood. This would control the light as well as the temperature in the house, making a perfect environment to raise the young children of the residents. The screen can be opened when needed to unveil amazing outside views. This is a necessary option especially during the winter time, when you want to get as much light as possible.

The windows are strategically placed in order to offer relaxing views or for surveillance purposes. As you walk the corridor of the house towards the rear that hosts a big window to the garden, you feel like taking a journey of scenery  and glimpses of nature. Of course, the interior is mostly minimalist, with warm wood tones and lots of whites.

Name: Screen House


Bedrooms: 4

Bathrooms: 4

Levels: 1


Built: 2016

Location: Camberwell, Australia

Architect: Warc Studio Architects


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