Caterpillar House

Would you build your house second hand? Yep, we said build not buy. Well, if you have doubts about it, there is someone who did just that and build an outstanding dwelling that leaves all its visitors in total awe. The Caterpillar House or Casa Oruga, is, in fact, and architectural hack. Sebastian Irarrazaval, the architect that took this project, accepted the challenge of building a house out of second hand shipping containers. This decision helped to reduce the costs and the building time, resulting in a non-conventional but fully functional home. 

When deciding on the structural, functional and design parts of the project, the team took in account several aspects. First, the house should have blend with the outstanding scenery. Therefore, a few containers were placed on the hills slope, so the children rooms and some other spaces are inclined.  Second, the cooling had to be positive. Positive cooling is when no mechanical cooling system has to be installed, and since the house is just outside the capital Santiago, this is a pretty important factor. Thus, the home has been build in such manner to allow the air to flow naturally, keeping the inside temperature at a comfortable level. 

Not lastly, the design had to be kept minimalist but not boring. That is why, the decor is rather simple, but there are a few recreation spaces such as a swimming pool. And, if we are to talk abut ways to relax in this house, the numerous windows and the skylights offer mesmerizing views of the Andes Mountains and the starry sky.

Name: Caterpillar House


Bedrooms: 4

Bathrooms: 4

Levels: 2

Size: 350.0 m2


Built: 2012

Location: Lo Barnechea, Chile

Architect: Sebastian Irarrazaval


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