Patio House

Patio House

The boxy structure variegated with a rusty wooden outlook and the pristine sea-view is enough to make your heart melt. Add to that the mesmerizing breeze originated from the Dodecanese islands nearby, and you get the wonderful Patio House.

The industrial design of Patio House exhibits the contemporary approach of OOAK architectures. However, you will never feel like the house is trying to blend into the surroundings as the builders’ main motive was to depict a dramatic local landscape.

You will also notice irregular usage of space inside the house to give it a more natural feel. 

The surroundings of Patio House is what makes it one of the best bet in the region. With limited vegetation and dome-shaped rocks spread all over, the cubic structure indeed makes one hell of a statement. In contrast, the interior of this residence is as opulent as it can get.

You get huge walkaways, coupled with a gorgeous sitting area with an open-ended view and a mini-garden in the center. The furniture and ceiling are also kept at full grandeur. To sum it up, Patio House is without a doubt one of the best residential houses to spent your weekend. And it surely deserves a spot in your “must-visit” if it isn’t already.

Name: Patio House 

Price: –

Bedrooms: 3

Bathrooms: 4

Garage: 1

Levels: 1

Size: 200m2

Built: 2018

Location: Karpathos, Greece

Architect: OOAK Architects


Image credits: ©Yiorgos Kordakis:

Patio House
Patio House

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