Quadrant House

Quadrant House

Quadrant House accommodates a savvy kinetic structure that is designed to track the movement of the sun like the sunflowers. As a result, this House by Robert Konieczny, a Polish Architect, is quite a visual treat! Besides, the house has been named after the device of the same name used by astronauts for tracking star movement. 

Its main highlight is the mobile terrace that pivots at 90 degrees to dock at either side of the garden. Also, the two sides, where this mobile terrace docks house the living room and the spa. Besides, when it docks on either of the sides, it adds an open extension to those spaces. Moreover, the living room is decked with sliding glass doors to make the transition seamless. 

The terrace moves on the track set on the ground. And since the terrace is on a roll all through the day, the grass beneath can grow naturally. The automated control is powered by sensors that will stop on detecting an obstacle. Moreover, it can be controlled manually, as well. 

The house’s main volume is rectangular, though a perpendicular extension has been added in the front for more privacy in the garden area. Besides, the interiors feature open plan flooring for making the most of the sunlight.

Name: Quadrant House


Bedrooms: 2

Bathrooms: 2

Garage: Yes

Levels: 2

Size: 558 sqm (floor area)

Built: 2018

Location: Poland

Architect: Robert Konieczny (KWK Promes) 

Links: https://www.kwkpromes.pl/en/quadrant-house 

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Jarosław Syrek

Quadrant House 4
Moving Terrace, Quadrant House

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