Cuevas Del Pino Estate

Cuevas Del Pino

A ravishing estate carved right into the foothills of the gorgeous and scenic Sierra Morena mountain range in Spain. At initial peek, you can be mistaken that this entire cave house is made out of the mountains itself due to its solidarity build quality and elegant white sandstone finish.

But the real magic lies inside the house. The raw stone walls of the mountain harmoniously integrate with the interior and the furniture, using them as its own. The color proportions and arrangements inside the house look elegant and fresh. And with abundant natural lighting available, most of the rooms are well lit during the day.

Step outside of the house into the bridged garden, you will face the subterranean magnificence of the sierra morena. The serene beauty combined with breezy winds will make you fall in love with this place and it is truly a bliss to visit here in hot cordovan summers.

The ergonomic build and modern paint-scheme don’t let this estate stand out from the mountain range, but rather blend in with it effortlessly. Mostly because of the excellent architecture techniques used in it. Overall, the Cuevas del Pino estate is majestic and will surely give a unique spatial experience.

Name: Cuevas Del Pino Estate


Bedrooms: 2


Levels: 1

Size: 1119 sq ft

Built: 2012

Location: Sierra Morena, Spain

Architect: UMMO Estudio


Image credits: © David Vico,

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