Downley House

How about a house with an unique design, located on the land where the most romantic writer of England,  Jane Austen, was born: Hampshire, United Kingdom? This country house is stunning regardless of whether you watch it from the front or the back. The most impressive part is the entrance, with a design inspired by the old French wine barrels. The wine theme influences can be then retrieved in the house interior design. In fact, the home owns a special room that serves as a space for a wine bottles collection.

The house architecture was thought in such manner so it would blend well with the landscape. Therefore, when you watch it from the back, it appears as if the building is dramatically rising from the ground.

Crafted by a team of handy and talented architects, this home combines the dramatic and cold modern touch with the warmth of a romantic and medieval concept.

Name: Downley House


Bedrooms: 5


Levels: 3

Size: 650 sqm

Built: 2012

Location: Hampshire, United Kingdom

Architect: Birds Portchmouth Russum Architects



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