Une maison pour surfer

Custom designed houses so as any custom design usually bring interesting solutions. “Une maison pour surfer” is literary a house for a surfer and the demands of this young family created this open, simple but yet appealing natural design.

So what could demands of a surfer be? Freedom on the waves cannot be easily felt in a closed space such as a house. Open space of the house may be the answer to this so the users can move freely inside as on the waves. Interior design is simple without any unnecessary additions that would show up on a way of achieving this feeling.

The main space of the house appears to be its entrance zone. And this is far beyond a simple entrance. It is a double-height porch that can be closed entirely with polycarbonate transparent panels. It continues to an open terrace and this space is the central space of the house making the “outdoor living” inside a house as real as possible.

Showing respect to the nature and its surroundings, building of this house cut no trees around. It has rather settled inside the forest, becoming part of it. This impression is created with the vertical wood cladding of the house. Inside, all the surfaces are covered in natural wood panels in light colors. All pieces of furniture are made of wood. To show the most of respect for the local nature all house elements were prefabricated and brought to the location. Outdoor living and environmental awareness certainly do come together.

Name: Une maison pour surfer


Bedrooms: 2

Bathrooms: 1

Levels: 2

Size:  100 m2


Built: 2018

Location: Soorts-Hossegor, France

Architect: Java Architecture

Links: http://javarchitecture.fr/?p=393



Image credits:  © http://javarchitecture.fr/?p=393

One thought on “Une maison pour surfer

  1. Votre maison est sublime et j’en suis persuadée agréable à vivre . Je voudrai bien prolonger ma terrasse en bois de 9 m de long sur 3 m de large avec une structure en polycarbonate . Vos conceptions sont aériennes et légères bravo !

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