Mumbai Artist Retreat

The Mumbai Artist Retreat is a mixed idea to bring out ecology, society, and art together. However, it is a conceptualized community space to bring people from multiple backgrounds for creative engagement in artistic expressions. This Artistic workshop features a tropical shed with 12m x 9m along with two roofs. Moreover, each roof of the house is six meters high, and two features two skylight chop over the pyramid-shaped roofs on the top.

The rafter layout is designed following a zig-zag pattern to avoid the natural irregularity of bamboo. Moreover, it helps in increasing the structural frame strength of this art workshop. While the doors’ framework is exposed from the inside, it features cement sheets on the exterior cover to offer a distinct look.

The moveable wall panels of the house have connectivity to every specific modular bay of columns. It allows the spaces to get modifications for better functioning. Also, the timber slat panels prevent the entry of unwanted sunlight or rain inside the house. Besides, the versatility of this Artistic workshop allows multipurpose use of the space. This makes it an ideal place for multiple workshops, a single large workshop, or an exhibition.

The skyline of Mumbai over the bay provides easy connectivity of this house to the city. This place also provides a peaceful environment for people away from the heavy psychological needs of the global metropole.

Name: Mumbai Artist Retreat 




Levels: 2

Size: 1000 sqm

Built: 2019 

Location: Alibag

Architect: Architecture Brio 


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Mumbai Artist Retreat
Mumbai Artist Retreat

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