Sylvan Rock

Sylvan Rock is a new house or architectural figure featuring Aston Martin’s design in partnership with S3 Architecture. Also, the construction location is in the Dutchess County of Milan, focusing on sustainability and wellness. Sylvan Rock has three guest pods, two reflecting pools, an agricultural food garden and a wellness pavilion.

This house facade comes in black colour along with floor-to-ceiling glass. All of these are settled under the folded panel roof structure. It results from a design mixture with the modern aesthetic with the context of the rural location and privacy for creating a luxury living experience. Besides this, this house has no dominating facade that alters the interior look.

Furthermore, the lower-level entrance of the house starts with the sleek garage. On the contrary, this space has a lounge that utilizes its designer signature cross-hatched lattice design. Apart from this, the lower level of the house features a custom wine cellar and office into the rock formation.

Sylvan Rock kitchen comes with a wall of custom shelving and cabinetry extending into the cosy adjacent den of the house. Besides this, the master suite bolsters over the rocky ledge offering a better view outside. This suite features a spa-like inbuilt bathroom along with a changing room and walk-in closet.

It offers more space outside the house for different purposes such as dining, entertaining, relaxing, and outdoor kitchen. Additionally, the outdoor pool has UV-filtration, and its pod is away from the main house to ensure privacy.

Name:  Sylvan Rock

Price: $7.7M

Bedrooms: 4

Bathrooms: 4

Levels: 3

Size: 557 m²

Built: 2021

Location: Rhinebeck, NY, USA

Architect: S3 Architecture LLC


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Sylvan Rock
Sylvan Rock

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