Iniala Penthouse

I know it’s not a home, but the website is called The House Tours after all and this is a house, so we’re touring it. The curved roofs and the fact that there’s a infinity pool going right through the middle of the house is what makes it so great. This is that kind of house that you keep looking at instead of the sea that’s right behind it.

With that kind of money per night, you also get a driver, a chef, a maid and a butler.

Also I think the Kardashian’s were here on vacantion, I kept getting search results about them when researching this location.

Name: Iniala Penthouse

Price: $2,100 – $6,700 / night

Bedrooms: 1

Bathrooms: 1

Levels: 1



Location: Phuket, Thailand

Architect: Graham Lamb (Thailand), A-cero (Spain), PH.D (Russia), Eggarat Wongcharit (Thailand), Fernando + Humberto Campana (Brazil), Joseph Walsh (Ireland), Jaime Hayon (Spain), Mark Brazier-Jones (New Zealand) and Chris Jones (USA)

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