House in Monsaraz

House in Monsaraz

The minimalistic and stealthy-outlook of this House in Monsaraz makes it one of the most exciting premises we’ve reviewed so far. Starting with its dome-shaped design, it is backed by asymmetrical crevice and uneven facades. The initial glimpse of this house would give you a reliable reflection of ancient Arabic monuments.

The sandstone color looks stunning when mixed with a nature-rich background. The house of Monsaraz is located on an ascending of a hill, which covers the main compartments of the house. This creates a natural shielding and also helps in keeping the slightly cold temperature inside the home.

The interior of this house follows the same minimal preface. According to the architects at Aries Mateus, each bedroom was designed to provide a scenic view. The firm further explains, “Faced with the boundless extents of the Alqueva lake nearby, the house required a center: a protected courtyard embracing the water.”

From a birds-eye view, the house in Monsaraz completely blends in with its base ground. And the only differentiating factor is three huge white spots. You will also notice a sneaky-back entrance placed just at the center. To sum it up. House is Monsaraz is undoubtedly a unique piece of architecture with its out of the box design and exceptional allotment. 

Name: House in Monsaraz


Bedrooms: 2

Bathrooms: 2

Garage: 1

Levels: 2

Size: 1872 ft2

Built: 2018

Location: Monsaraz, Portugal

Architect: Aries Mateus


Image credits: ©Joao Guimaraes:

House in Monsaraz
House in Monsaraz

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