Fjord Boat House

The Fjord Boat House is an exquisite lakeside abode with serenity flowing all around it. It’s a single-level structure with a grass-topped roof that brilliantly conceals it from above. Besides, the black timber cladding compliments it’s concrete base and defines its architectural excellence.

The interiors have been made warm and welcoming with the use of dark hues of timber. Moreover, the ceramic brick floor gives a truly vintage feel. Besides, the kitchen features a minimalist style cabinetry with ample storage space. The architect also added a fine collection of design pieces like the hanging pendant light over the dining table. The lamp in the living area goes perfectly well with the whole configuration. 

Adding to the warmth are two cozy bedrooms featuring oak lining in all directions. Besides, each room has a charming seamless skylight making way for mesmerizing starry nights. Or perhaps sunlit days in summer.

The color palette used inside the house is in complete harmony with the dark hues of the facade. This Boathouse is a perfect holiday destination if you are looking forward to just relaxing and inhaling the fresh breeze.

Name: Fjord Boat House

Price: – 


Bathroom(s): 1

Levels: 1

Size: –

Built: 2020

Location: Border of Germany and Denmark

Architect: Norm Architect


Image Credits: Jonas Bjerre – Poulsen

Fjord Boat House
Fjord Boat House

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