Flint House

Are you familiar with the expression: stairs to heaven? Well if you are, then you will totally agree that this house is the perfect representation for this expression. The Flint House, is located in Buckinghamshire,United Kingdom, and we can all agree that this was a very bold project. No matter the angle or the aspect of this house that you choose to study or simply admire, it will be able to leave you speechless.

Let’s start with the outside. The walls are made from Flint, hence the name of the building, which is a type of rock similar to jasper, onyx or obsidian. This type of rock was used to build the house, making it appear as it would be pulled out of the ground in a very calculated and controlled manner. The dance of creativity did not stopped here. The Flint, is arranged in a degrade order, with darker tones at the bottom leading to a white chalk on top, that makes it appear as the roof would get lost into the sky. The stair roof of both the house and the annex, allows you to admire the view in a particular way.

The interior is not to be ignored either. With a utilitarian design that gains warmer tones as you continue to enter the house, and a pool in the center, that reflects into the black glass ceiling,  you would be left in awe with every glance.

Name: Flint House


Bedrooms: 3

Bathrooms: 4

Levels: 2

Size: 580.0 sqm

Built: 2015

Location: Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom

Architect: Skene Catling de la Peña

Links: http://www.scdlp.net/projects.php?project_id=33


Image credits:  ©http://www.scdlp.net/projects.php?project_id=33

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