House in Troia

House in Troia

Camouflaged with city-like architecture, this gorgeous House in Troia is aligned with the expansive coastlines and charming beaches. Just an hour’s drive from Portugal’s capital, Lisbon, this house features all the modern amenities such as a cutting-edge interior and contemporary outline.

Starting from the design, House in Troia has a boxy design with fairy-white color. The fine outlook is somewhat contrasting from its environment, which is sand-dunes and clear waters. Thanks to the brilliance of its architect, Miguel Marcelino, the structure of this house withholds a lot of leeways. Which, in turn, allows for spacious-interior decor. 

On the contrary, the inside of House in Troia is comparatively calm. Light mesh stones are used with a blend of ceramic. The furniture, too, never stands out from the tone of the house. However, the architects left ample spaces within the house so that it never feels too cluttered. Which, according to us, is a wonderful idea. 

With wide mirror panels and several openings, this house is glittered with natural-light. In the night, the House in Troia mends with tranquil beach-view, and thanks to its beautiful lighting, it looks like possessing beauty. To sum it up, House in Troia has a unique approach in its layout that allows it to smoothly transit between nature and architecture.

Name: House in Troia


Bedrooms: 2

Bathrooms: 2

Garage: 1

Levels: 3

Size: 308 m2

Built: 2018

Location: Troia, Portugal

Architect: Miguel Marcelino


Image credits: ©Archive Miguel Marcelino:

House in Troia

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