Black Desert House

Black Desert House Facade 2

The Black Desert House sits as a low profile yet outstanding dwelling in the middle of a desert landscape. And with panoramic views of the landscape from almost every room, including the dining living, bedrooms, and even the bathrooms, this distinctive retreat steals the heart. Besides, the vicinity of prehistoric boulders makes it a perfect escape from the regular world. 

The architecture of the house revolves around the central courtyard. Besides, the kitchen and dining areas are the main focal points. Though a tiered stairway further leads to a sunken living space that looks genuinely rapturous.

However, an even better highlight of Black Desert House is the floor to ceiling glass walls, and windows spread throughout. Besides, the black walls, high-gloss anthracite, and darkened steel are other show stealers.

The Black Desert House has three bedrooms with all having a view of the angled black-tiled swimming pool. The central courtyard is also angled and has boulders that are illuminated from below. Besides, the angular covered patio sits next to the pool with stunning views of the pristine boulders.

The Black Desert House is currently open for rental for the shooting of advertisements, and movies. Who knows it may feature in the next James Bond movie!

Name: Black Desert House

Price: –

Bedrooms: 3

Bathrooms: 2


Levels: 1

Size: 145 sqm

Built: 2013

Location: Twenty Nine Palms, USA

Architect: Mark Atlan + Oller & Pejic


Image credits: © Marc Angeles

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