Bank Barn House

Bank Barn House is a three-storey house with a location in the exotic greens of the Green Mountains of Vermont. This wooden-cladding house is designed for taking cues from the green barns built into the hills with two accessible ways. Besides this, the main entrance of the house accentuates topography with grade transitions. 

The middle level of the house features an open kitchen, dining area, living area and office that are beautifully interconnected. Also, the entire floor encompasses the glass walls for offering a mesmerising outside view. 

Moreover, the cross-bracing and steel beams are kept exposed and painted in white to match the stark interiors of the house with grey and white floors. It also features a free-standing staircase with a glass railing and white paint covering. The bottom floor of the Bank Barn House is concealed by sloped terrain apart from the garage door clad in wood. 

The lower volume of the house is extending slightly outwards than the other two volumes. Also, a green roof is created for covering this extended portion of the house. The top floor features three bedrooms and laundry rooms. Hence, it features small windows with deep jambs for framing the pastoral views to offer more privacy. 

The Bank Barn House is completed with a number of environment-friendly design elements such as geothermal wells and triple-glazed thermal wall bolsters. Therefore, planning a trip to such a mesmerising place is a win-on-win situation. 

Name:  Bank Barn House

Price: – 

Bedrooms: 3

Bathrooms: 2

Levels: 3

Size: 424 m²

Built: 2019

Location: Washington

Architect: Wittman Estes Architecture


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Bank Barn House
Bank Barn House

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