Tangga House

This house is all about the courtyard. And all around the courtyard. Actually, architects bring a contemporary interpretation of a traditional courtyard house in this design. The courtyard is central and most important element of the overall design. The house itself is L-shaped but it cannot be seen individually on the plot. It forms a whole with the courtyard, the pool and the opposite L structure pergola-like corridor topped with plants.

Plants are appearing all over, on the ground and build surfaces. Various vegetation highlights the roof where the garden continues from the ground making an overall impression of connection of the house with nature. Clean lines of surfaces and strict orthogonal shapes give an impression of movement to the house itself. Its elements such as clear planes, pillars, volumes, stairs appear in harmony forming the house, nearly as an exhibition of perfectly combined architectural elements. The star of this exhibition is the pool that appears like a box of water placed on the grass. Its glass walls rise above the ground in the courtyard and dive down inside the house living room space forming a wall.

What appears interesting about this house is that its plans and most interior photos weren’t published. This gets us to a question about privacy and design. Internet era brought us to a time when sharing privacy publicly is encouraged and this is certainly leading to completely new social issues. Some people are still keeping their privacy for themselves, hesitating to follow this trend. And some houses do too!

Name: Tangga House


Bedrooms: not stated

Bathrooms: not stated

Levels: 2

Size:  712 m2


Built: 2007

Location: Singapore, Singapore

Architect: Guz Architects

Links:  http://guzarchitects.com/portfolio/tangga-house/



Image credits:  ©http://guzarchitects.com/portfolio/tangga-house/

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