T Weekend Residence

T Weekend Residence

T Weekend Residence is a minimal weekend house and a treat for weekend gateway overlooking the sea near the city of Osaka. Besides, it is described as a “playground for grownups,” by the architects. Certainly, the purpose is to make a quiet, relaxed space to forget all the urban chaos and enjoy nature’s dynamic changes.

This Weekend House is a creation of Japenese Architecture Process5 Design, with a three-dimensional design concept. Additionally, every floor connects with the central volume. As a result, you can enjoy different activities on different floors while staying in the same building. Moreover, every level provides its unique breathtaking view, light, and wind environment.

This site features a 13 m elevation for a hill along with a scenic view of breezing sea and ampleness of greenery. After that, the architect element is centrally located with a spacious staircase to connect it with each area. Besides, this T-weekend Residence structure is minimalist with a hybrid wooden frame on the underground space.

The three slabs of this T-weekend House are connected with vertical 10m core with a hollow, functioning as a gravity ventilation device to bring a comfortable indoor space. In addition, it also features an indoor pool with a view and a terrace, garden area, and Japanese style living room.

This building has established different-leveled slabs to gain different views to serve unique purposes like roof terrace, main room, and outdoor living. In conclusion, this place is a perfect choice to make your weekends blissful!

Name: T Weekend Residence

Price: –

Bedrooms: 2

Bathrooms: 1

Levels: 3

Size: 511 m2

Built: 2015

Location: Osaka, Japan

Architect: Process5 Design

Links: http://process5.com/design/t-weekend-residence-2015/

Image credits: ┬ęKeishiro Yamada, yamada-foto-technix.com

T Weekend Residence

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