Ha House

Squeezed between two traditional houses on a residential area street, this house is nothing traditional. At the same time, it is just what it is. It accommodates all “traditional house” spaces such as living space area, bedrooms, parking lot, garden and even a pool. All that is designed on a 7x20m meters plot.

From the street, the house looks like a group of terraces one on top of the other. And they are filled with plants. This first impression does describe the house. It was supposed to provide a natural environment with lots of green open space. The design is a floating space of open and closed areas in a continuing garden. Its track starts from the entrance gate and ends on the roof terrace. It goes through terraces and different closed space volumes connected with a central staircase.

Instead of a garden on the ground or roof, the garden is all-around. It gives an image of a vertical garden with plants appearing on different levels terraces. The plants are also technically contributing to the house as shades and insulation and more importantly providing a desired natural environment that puts a house inside a garden and not a garden around a house.

This garden doesn’t stop at the entrance door. It engages the whole house. Interior surfaces are done in wood, concrete and mostly in local brick, chosen to cut the expenses. But also this gives an “outside feeling “ inside, and with indoor plants and those seen through big window surfaces a complete impression of living in a garden is accomplished.

Name: Ha House


Bedrooms: 3

Bathrooms: 3

Levels: 3

Size:  137 m2


Built: 2019

Location: Ho Chi Minh (Saigon), Vietnam

Architect: VTN Architects





Image credits:  ©hiroyuki oki via https://www.archdaily.com/914247/ha-house-vtn-architects


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