High Desert House

Desert House

The Desert House by Kendrick Bangs Kellogg in the stone-studded vastness of Californian Desert is as magnificent as a rising Phoenix. It has an impeccable exterior that sophisticatedly blends with massive boulders around, looks nothing less than some sci-fi headquarters. Besides, it may also seem like an otherworldly tree or spaceship, sneaking in the emptiness of a deserted backdrop. 

The High Desert House in the alien landscape of Joshua Tree National Park, features twenty-six free-standing columns. And for sound stability, each of these columns is embedded seven feet deep into the bed of pristine rocks. Besides, the columns are layered towards the end, one over one another in fan-like canopies. Subsequently, the top view resembles the structure of human ribs. 

In the interiors, the design has been completed by John Vugrin and crafted from natural materials. For instance, the canopy installed in the dining area is assembled from 800 pieces of sandblasted glass. Similarly, the organic yet alien-looking washbasin in the bedroom is another masterpiece by John Vugrin. The sputnik like lamps, to tables canvasing the floor to ceiling space, or cantilevered carved bases, are elements ‘extraordinaire.’ 

The kitchen cabinets feature patinated metal, and most furniture is built into the walls. Besides, the interiors possess abundant use of steel, mahogany, or glass tiles. Though the structural construction was complete in 1993, the design was completed in 2014. Thus, culminating the Desert House into a sight to behold! 

Name: High Desert House

Price: $3 million

Bedrooms: 3

Bathrooms: 3

Levels: 5

Size: 5,000 sqft

Lot Size: 10 acres

Built: 2014

Location: Joshua Tree National Park, California

Architect: Kendrick Bangs Kellogg

Interior Designer: John Vugrin

Links: http://kendrickbangskellogg.com 

Image credits: © https://www.lancegerberstudio.com  / Nuvue Interactive

Desert House
Desert House
Desert House
Desert House
Desert House Dining Area
Desert House furniture
Desert House Bedroom
desert house kitchen
desert house living room

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